5stelle* is now connected to the world class hotel distribution: SiteMinder

SiteMinder and 5stelle*

5stelle* is always riding the wave of innovation. Building a new integration, it’s not just technical stuff, but means creating connections. For our clients it means the possibility to access a wider choice of online distributors and for us the possibility to expand in new countries.

In these days we are very proud to announce we are the first made in Italy cloud PMS to have developed the 2ways connection to SiteMinder.  

The certification of the connections comes after a long testing period that aims to assure the highest technical reliability for actual and forthcoming common clients all around the world.

Who is SiteMinder? www.siteminder.com.

SiteMinder is a world wide hotel distribution system, with +20,000 clients in 160 countries. It was born in Australia just in 2006. The main services they offer are: The Channel Manager, TheBookingButton, GDS management and “Canvas” which is an intelligent creator of websites for hotels.

What integration does 5stelle* have with SiteMinder?

5stelle* has developed the 2ways connection to SiteMinder channel manager. Reservations are downloaded automatically from SiteMinder to 5stelle*, availabilities are constantly updated and prices and restrictions can be managed directly from the PMS. It is always possible to choose which level of communication is preferred between the two platforms, as some hotels may prefer to manage prices and restrictions on the channel manager, others would rather operate all the functions from 5stelle*.

SiteMinder is now part of 5stelle* integrations: check the other partners.

If you want to know more about us, write to info@hotelcinquestelle.it or visit us at the next WTM London in November 2016!