5stelle* new connection: HyperGuest


In unity is strenght!


That’s why the 5stelle * open platform is constantly growing with new partner, giving you an even wider range of choices to better face a constantly changing market. Today we are happy to announce the connection with HyperGuest.


HyperGuest is an innovative distribution channel that enables direct connectivity between the Hotels and Travel Providers worldwide (Agencies, Consortia, specialist OTAs, Group Bookings, etc.) by facilitating the booking process, enlarging the distribution mix, reducing cost of distribution and increasing margins. In short: more control, more profits.


To show you all the benefits of this new connection, and much more on Revenue Management and Online Distribution, we invite you to participate in a live streaming event where, together with special guests, we will address issues and best practices in a smart and engaging format:

Hospitality Marketplace – the series – 5Stelle + HyperGuest.


Click here to sign up: Hospitality Marketplace – the series – 5Stelle + HyperGuest

Mar 1, 2021, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Hope to see you there!