The 5stelle* PMS facilitates
the management of all your
accommodation's activities.


The 5stelle* PMS facilitates the management of all your accommodation's activities.

Having your hotel under control
is child's play

The management is the heart of your business.
With 5stelle* you can manage the quotes to the review requests in a simple and intuitive way.
Sell more, thanks to the OTA and Booking Engine integration.

Here is a taste of how 5stelle* can simplify life

Complete client management: before, during and after their stay

Personalised quotes

Each client has specific requirements and 5stelle* enables you to prepare personalised offers and send them immediately via email.


Intuitively manage reservations from all channels; OTA, GDS, website, telephone and walk-in directly from the planner. Upgrading a room is simple thanks to the drag & drop feature.

Online check-in

Check-in on the planner is intuitive. You can even involve your client, putting mobile check-in at their disposal.

Extra and requests

Manage your guest's request, from modifications to the reservations, to the purchase of supplementary services, even from the bar, restaurant and spa. Even from a smartphone, thanks to the mobile POS, one of 5stelle*'s touch tools.

Easy billing

Manage accounts, receipts and invoices. Merging expenses or separating bills is truly intuitive.


Monitor your client's satisfaction and incentivise word of mouth. 5stelle* communicates with the most diffuse Reputation Management Systems even with TripAdvisor's Review Express.

Commercial management and planning sales

Online and offline sales

Define tariffs, price lists, virtual lists and corporate rates. With the help of revenue statistics, including reservations pickup, generating revenue is easier.


Thanks to reservations history, clients can be divided based on spending habits and interests, allowing you to create more personalised offers.

Direct sales

Create packages to publish on 5stelle*'s booking engine integrated on your website. Last minute, early bird, extras, minimum stay, you have all the commercial tools at your disposal.

OTAs no problem

Manage availability and restrictions on the OTA (, Expedia, Agoda, HRS...) portals and eliminate the risk of overbooking. Online availability is updated in real time when offline reservations, such as telephone bookings, are inserted on the planner by the receptionist.

Dynamic pricing

Modify online prices at any time with surprising ease, even from your smartphone.

Connect to your favourite platform

5stelle* is an open system. If you are using an online sales platform, it most likely already interacts with us.

Administrative management

City tax

Automatically manages city tax.


Executes all accounting transactions, including invoices, receipts, summary invoices and manages payments and deposits.

Your accountant will like it

Produces information regarding takings and petty cash and sends information regarding payments to the accountant. If this is not enough, it can even produce a file of transactions for your accounting software.

Always have your finger on the pulse of the situation

Sales statistics

With sales statistics you always have major indices at hand. RevPAR, Produzione, TOC and many others.

Seasonal trends

Being able to compare various periods can help you understand "how the season is going". Reservations history and pick-up data can help you define your pricing policy.

Accounting and takings reports

The accounting situation allows administration to verify and manage all activities, even pending payments. Also, the extra's "store" is always under control.

Department trends

Thanks to accounts payable, you can analyse costs and earnings, monitoring each departments profitability.

Multi-user roles

Each user profile can be personalised and you know exactly who does what, thanks to the activity log, which is always available.

Friendly reports

You can create all reports without date restrictions (daily, monthly, date to date), in either PDF or Excel formats, so you can modify them how and when you want. Handy, right?

If you have further needs...

Your hotel always in your pocket

Change a price, insert a reservation, information regarding check-in and check-out, even when you are shopping. All thanks to pocket PMS.

Groups no problem

If your hotel works with groups, you can enjoy the advanced feature which automatically preselects rooms and rooming lists.

Allotment management

With 5stelle* you can easily plan allotments connected with Tour Operators and agencies. Furthermore, the PMS automatically manages the integration with online sales, limiting the risk of unsold rooms.

Conference rooms, parking & more

With the daily services planner you can manage parking, beach umbrellas, conference rooms and even bike hire.


Reception can share the "hourly services" planning with the spa staff. Booking a massage and managing the required resources is simple.

Supplementary charges without risks

Thanks to the mobile POS, all staff can manage any type of extra charge, even drinks from the poolside bar, from a tablet or smartphone.


You are in full control of your hotels, including customers. Shared customer data, centralized availability, group reporting. You can manage hotel chains and clusters in total synergy!

Business Intelligence and Rate Shopper

40+ interactive dashboards to know everything about your hotel in real time and transform data into business. And with the competitive rate analysis you can know and monitor your competitors up to 365 days ahead.


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