In a competitive market, teaming up widens perspectives and multiplies potential.

Shall we team up?

Are you a
software dealer?

Is the PMS you sell too complicated and makes you waste a heap of time with assistance? If you want a simple management system, which is new generation and fast, ask us.

Are you a
revenue manager?

Would you like to manage online sales from all you hotel clients without the risk of overbooking, all from the comfort of your desk chair? With 5stelle*, you also have access to all the data which allows you to improve your revenue strategies.

Are you a
Web Agency?

With 5stelle* you have the certainty you are offering clients a competitive product for both small and large accommodation facilities. In a matter of minutes, you can integrate your client’s online bookings from website.

Do you want to connect your
product with 5stelle*?

Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Revenue and Reputation Management Systems: we collaborate with the sector's most established organisations in Italy and internationally everyday. Contact us right away!
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