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We communicate with all the key systems, which optimise hotel management, even up-and-coming ones.

5stelle* communicates with all the hotel sector's
major software systems.

An open exchange in constant evolution to keep one-step ahead.

management systems

Always sell at the best price! 5stelle* transmits real time data to the most popular revenue systems. We are also Booking Suite Gold Partners, a real advantage for those who choose us.

management systems

5stelle* is connected to TripAdvisor, Customer Alliance and ReviewPro, making it easier to manage your online reputation.


Accounting, bar, restaurant and spa management systems. Document readers, building automation systems, switchboards.

reservation systems

5stelle* communicates with the hotel sector's main Channel Managers and Booking Engines.

Here are all of 5stelle*'s connections (at the moment!)

Online Sales Platforms

Availpro Availpro
BeGenius BeGenius
BeMyGuest BeMyGuest
Blastness Blastness
Bookassist Bookassist
BookingEvolution BookingEvolution
BookVisit BookVisit
Booking Expert Booking Expert (Zucchetti)
Booki Tech Booki Tech
Bukly Bukly
Cubilis Cubilis Test
Cultuzz Cultuzz Test
Digital Booking Digital Booking
easiSuite easiSuite Coming soon
eRevMax eRevMax Test
ErmesHotels ErmesHotels
Fastbooking Fastbooking
GuestCentric GuestCentric  Coming soon
Hotel.BB Hotel.BB
Hotel Availabilities Hotel Availabilities Coming soon
HotelEasyReservations HotelEasyReservations
HotelNet HotelNet
Hotel Spider Hotel Spider Test
Idiso Idiso Test
Iperbooking Iperbooking
MappingMaster MappingMaster Test
Mirai Mirai Test
MyGuestCare MyGuestCare
Net Affinity Net Affinity  Coming soon
Nozio Nozio
OctoRate OctoRate
Parity Rate Parity Rate
Phobs Phobs
Profitroom Profitroom Test
RateGain RateGain
Reservit Reservit
RoomCloud RoomCloud
Kognitiv – ex Seekda Kognitiv – ex Seekda
Simple Booking Simple Booking (Zucchetti)
SiteMinder SiteMinder
Staah Staah Test
Travelclick Travelclick
Vertical Booking Vertical Booking (Zucchetti)
WebHotelier WebHotelier
WuBook WuBook
YieldPlanet YieldPlanet Test

Revenue Management Systems

Athena Pricing Athena Pricing
FOX (Blastness) FOX (Blastness)
GTR revenue GTR revenue
Hotel Partner Yield Management Hotel Partner Yield Management  Coming soon
HotelPerformer (Hotel Performance) HotelPerformer (Hotel Performance)
HotelPro360 HotelPro360
HQ Plus HQ Plus
MyForecast (Sicaniasc) MyForecast (Sicaniasc)
OutPerform RMS OutPerform RMS
Pace Revenue Management Pace RMS  Coming soon
Rate Board Rate Board
RateIntelligence (Booking Suite) RateIntelligence (Booking Suite)
Revolution System (Franco Grasso) Revolution System (Franco Grasso)

Review Management Systems

Customer Alliance Customer Alliance
Edgar Smart Concierge Edgar Smart Concierge
Howazit Howazit
myHotel myHotel
Oscar WiFi Oscar WiFi  Coming soon
Qualitando Qualitando
Qualitelis Qualitelis
TripAdvisor's Review Express TripAdvisor's Review Express
ReviewPro ReviewPro
Spotty WiFi Spotty WiFi
TrustYou TrustYou  Coming soon


Ad Hoc Revolution (Zucchetti) Ad Hoc Revolution (Zucchetti)
Gamma Enterprise (Teamsystem) Gamma Enterprise (Teamsystem)
Gestionale 1 (Zucchetti) Gestionale 1 (Zucchetti) Test
Quadra Sistemi Quadra Sistemi
Suite Multi (Teamsystem) Suite Multi (Teamsystem)

Point of Sales (bar, restaurant, SPA)

Asten Pos Asten Pos
Bacco Bacco
Caddy Caddy
Cassanova Cassanova
Gestione Comande Gestione Comande
Hol-App Hol-App Test
iPratico iPratico
ITALRetail – RistorAndro ITALRetail – RistorAndro
Moito Moito
NetFood NetFood
PI Electronique PI Electronique
RistoDroid RistoDroid
RistoQuick RistoQuick
RS Consulting RS Pos
Scloby Scloby
Zmenu Zmenu  Coming soon

Guest Messaging

Wieldy Wieldy

Facility Management

4Suites 4Suites  Coming soon
eWelcome24 eWelcome24 Test
H-Mobile Suite H-Mobile Suite
Keesy Keesy  Coming soon
KeezApp KeezApp  Coming soon
Microdevice Microdevice
PassportScan PassportScan
Perseo (GLT) Perseo (GLT)  Coming soon
Salto Systems Salto Systems  Coming soon
Scrollidea Scrollidea
Sezam24 Sezam24
Vikey Vikey Test
Welcomeasy Welcomeasy Test

Other Connections

Besafe Rate Besafe Rate
eMerchantPay eMerchantPay
Gardasee Gardasee
HBenchmark HBenchmark
Hotel.CC Hotel.CC
Hoteldoor® Hoteldoor® (Iperbooking platform only)
Hoxell Hoxell
Instant Booking (TripAdvisor) Instant Booking (TripAdvisor)
Know Your Guest Know Your Guest
myLike myLike  Coming soon
MyReportys MyReportys  Coming soon
Quoto Quoto
SiteMinder Exchange SiteMinder Exchange
Stripe Stripe
Trentino Guest Card Trentino Guest Card
TripConnect (TripAdvisor) TripConnect (TripAdvisor)
Trivago Direct Connect Trivago Direct Connect
Zillioon Zillioon


Unity is strength.
It is not a saying, it is our motto.
Discover why

Beppe Palma, Owner & Manager

"We were the first hotel in Rimini to choose 5stelle* and to believe in their team. Today we still believe we looked to the future and with the cloud we are a step ahead."
Hotel Augustus | Riccione
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