Managing OTA portals is easy and immediate. The Channel Manager is integrated in the PMS and automatically manages all tasks.

Sell anywhere without worries!

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Reservations planner, Booking Engine and OTA are integrated in the PMS. You can effectively manage all sales online and offline with a single tool. Availability, prices, restrictions? 5stelle* takes care of it.


When a client purchases one of your hotel rooms on, Expedia, AirBnB or other portals, the reservations materialise on your planner and client data is automatically updated in the PMS registry. Cancellations appear on the planner and cancelled rooms are reactivated on the sales portal in the same way.

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Reservations inserted manually, even from the Pocket PMS, are updated in real time. Room upgrade? With just one click the PMS automatically opens a standard and closes a superior room on all online sales channels. Overbooking is no longer a problem!


With 5stelle* you can plan allotments connected with Tour Operators and integrate them with online sales easily, reducing the risk of unsold rooms.

Connected to the world

5stelle* is integrated with all the key systems which optimise hotel management.
Thus you have more freedom to choose.
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Pasquale Briamonte, Hotel Manager

"Numbers are fundamental to enhancing hotel management. With 5stelle*, I have found the ideal support to my daily duties."
Villa Caterina | Rimini
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