Native Cloud Technology.
5stelle* was founded on the web and exploits its full potential.

Native cloud technology

A technology that greatly facilitates the management of your hotel.
With 5stelle*, save time, money and increase your freedom.


5stelle* is always available, 24/7, with just an internet connection, you can manage your hotel with total freedom.


It runs on any desktop, laptop, Mac and PC. No server, no cables, no extra costs.

Safe and
crash free

All data in the cloud is protected and stored, fully respecting privacy. It does not run risks even when your computer stops working.


Updates are automatic and free. In this way, you can always work on the most recent version without any financial stress.

Internet connection

5stelle* even works with a simple 3G connection. Another of the many and valuable benefits of our unique native cloud technology.

Various accommodation facilities,
only one piece of software

Do you have more than one hotel or a small chain of hotels? You need the cloud! With one computer, tablet or smartphone, you can check and manage all your hotels in a quick and easy way.


No intervention is required in the facility, no long, complicated installations. With remote assistance, the PMS is set-up and ready to use in no time.

Real time

You can share information, data and calculations to tour revenue manager or your tax consultant effortlessly.

Do you still need
to clarify things?

Let us do it together, starting now.

Marco Castelnovi & Antonio Carati, Owners

"The 5stelle* cloud allows you to have complete control in managing a hotel in Madonna di Campiglio and one in Venice, even if they are separated by 300km!"
Palazzo Contarini, Venezia | Hotel & Residence Catturani, Madonna di Campiglio
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