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Our Mobile Touch Tools bring your hotel management to the next level.

5stelle* Mobile Touch Tools

Improve communication between departments and hotel productivity.


Always having your hotel under control is a great advantage. With Pocket PMS you have the most important information to hand on your smartphone/tablet: departures, arrivals, new reservations, production, turnover, cashed payments.

Wherever you are, you can check availability, change a price on, and enter a reservation, all of which is synced to your planner in reception.

Even check in, when done informally perhaps whilst you offer a welcome drink, can become an opportunity to learn about and retain your customers.

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Poolside, restaurant, spa, beach... Wherever you serve with the immediacy of touch, via tablet or smartphone, you can charge all extras to the room bill.

Increase efficiency combined with the certainty of not losing any sales revenue.

To the joy and satisfaction of all, everything becomes quicker and simpler at check-out!


Organise the make up of rooms eliminating paper represents a noteworthy breakthrough, especially for unconventional or diffuse facilities.

Housekeeping Mobile gives you the possibility of involving the housekeeper in the management by putting them in direct contact with the reception: room ready, signal maintenance requirements and the possibility to charge minibar consumptions directly onto the room.

You are more relaxed and your customers more satisfied.

Do you want to see
how they work together?

Trying it for yourself is worth a thousand words.

Tomaso Eccher, Owner

"When we close the hotel for holidays, it is always with me on my tablet and smartphone. Check reservations or change room prices with a couple of touches. The interface is so intuitive that you would also happily use it on vacation."
La Vittoria Boutique Hotel, Garda
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