With 5stelle* everything becomes faster and easier, so you are not only saving economically.


The fee depends on the number of rooms; you are charged based on the size of your accommodation. This is why 5stelle* is truly affordable for all.

All inclusive,
no hidden costs

Telephone and online support 7 days a week, updates, hosting and data backup, workstations and users. The fee is simple, all inclusive.

on hardware

5stelle* does not require a server, infrastructure or cables. All you require is a computer and internet connection to be operative.

on set-up

Installation is quick and easy, training even more so! Everything is done remotely, in no time you are set-up and ready to manage your business from A to Z.

What do you say to a demo
and personalised quote?

Contact us now. A direct trial is better than a thousand words.

Diego Petrella, General Manager

"Since 2012 the PMS along with us has grown significantly.
What I appreciate most is the flexibility, always in line with the needs of a Resort like ours. The new Pocket PMS is great allowing me to keep in with the reception wherever I am."
San Pietro sopra le Acque | Massa Martana
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