A great recognition, a push to improve further.
Capterra -The Smart Way to Find Business Software- the world’s leading digital software review platform has awarded us the badge for Best ease of use PMS 2018based on the reviews by our customers. A recognition that makes us proud twice over. First for the distinction and value of the award itself, obtained in a category where there are hundreds of providers from all around the world.
Secondly, because it represents the very important confirmation that the we are on the right track. In fact, simplicity, from the beginning is the key that guides us in designing 5stelle*. This result can only increase our awareness and our efforts to do better in the future.
Thanks, we will treasure it.
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"The Capterra "Best" awards are determined by the subjective opinions of individual end-user customers based on their own experiences, the number and timing of published reviews on Gartner's digital sites (,, and and review ratings for a given product in the category and are not intended in any way to represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates."
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