Here are our most frequently asked questions.

To get started

I have never used a management system. Will I be able to use 5stelle*?

Our hospitality specialists will guide you step-by-step, not only how to use the management system, but also suggesting the best sales strategies for your hotel.

If I transfer from my current management system to 5stelle*, what data can I transfer?

We can import all your client’s contact data, but not the reservations history. We suggest printing or saving (in an Excel format) data from the last two years of your old management system.

Last time I change management system I lost hours of work. Will it be the same with 5stelle*?

No this will not happen: activating a cloud system is quick and easy. Everything is done remotely via our hospitality specialists. In a matter of days, they will activate your accommodation, help you configure it (price lists, packages, extras, invoicing, etc…) and teach you how to use the management system in the most effective way. After the first training your will never be alone: you can always count on our assistance, online and via telephone, 365 days of the year.

Can I manage more than one accommodation facility?

Of course, we designed our programme to manage more than one facility. Each facility has an ID number. To manage them all, you only require one user and password.

Why do you not have a dealer in my area? What if I require assistance?

Dealers were founded in the 80's: today they are no longer sustainable for both the dealer and client. The cloud allows everything to be executed remotely including demo, installation and assistance – with speed and savings for the hotel. Assistance is centralised, available via telephone and online. You can ask one of our specialists for help or advice, 365 days a year.

Is it possible to have a demo version of 5stelle*?

Of course. Our first step is one of our team will guide you through 5stelle*'s main features via a 30 minute (approx.) presentation. During the presentation you can our operators for any clarifications or information. After the presentation, if you would like, we will activate a demo for 15 days. With the trial you can "play around" at your leisure. If you have any further questions, you can always contact our assistance team as if you were already one of our clients.

I did not find features that interest me on the website. Does this mean they are not provided for?

Presenting all of 5stelle’s features would be demanding and tedious. On this website, we have inserted the most important information. The best way to understand if 5stelle* is for you is to contact us and try it for yourself for free without any obligations.


How much does 5stelle* cost?

5stelle* requires a small one-off start-up fee and an annual fee. The annual fee is calculated based on the number of rooms too have; the fewer the rooms, the less you pay. The annual fee is all inclusive. With the annual fee you have everything you require to manage our accommodation facility and sell online, via your website and portals. The annual fee includes: hosting, data backup, telephone and online assistance 7 days a week, and all the software updates release throughout the year.

Will I have to buy new versions of the programme?

No. 5stelle*, like all cloud systems, is software "as a service". To use it, you only need to pay the annual fee which includes all new versions of the programme.

I need to activate a new user in the management system, how much will it cost?

No, creating new users in the management system is free. You can add as many users as you want. Just contact one of our assistance operators to find out how.

I have a facility with only a couple of rooms, will it not cost me too much?

The annual fee is calculate on the number of rooms you have, the fewer the rooms, the less you pay. We always send personalised offers.

What do I need?

What characteristics does my computer require to be able to use 5stelle*?

Nothing specific. You can use 5stelle* on any computer with an internet connection, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It even works on a 3G connection.

I have a Mac, can I use 5stelle*?

Of course. 5stelle* is developed using Java, which means it works in both Windows and Mac. In addition, the Pocket PMS version of 5stelle* can be used on any browser: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera. The Pocket PMS is also available for smartphone and tablets using Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

What happens if I do not have an Internet connection?

If you do not have an Internet connection at check-out do not worry. 5stelle*'s cloud server sends you an email twice a day with an updated situation. In this way you can manually check out and modify your data as soon as you have the internet back. Remember, 5stelle* works with low bandwidth, so a 3G connection from your smartphone or any Internet dongle is more than enough, however we do suggest to have a minimum of 2 internet lines in your facility: a private one for the reception and one dedicated to your clients.

What happens if my computer breaks down or gets a virus?

If you have problems with your computer, you don not lose any information. Data from your facility is safely stored on our server. Just use 5stelle* from another device and you will be back up and running.

Data and Cloud

What does cloud mean?

A cloud is a technology which allows software to be used thanks to a series of computers connected in a network. With the 5stelle* cloud, the management programme and all your facility’s data are not stored on your computer, but our server, protected and saved every minute, totally respecting privacy. No more costs to backup, for software updates or hardware maintenance. The cloud makes you save, you do not need to buy, install or configure any servers or cables for the reception. To use 5stelle* all you need is a computer and the most basic of internet connections.

Where is my facility's data stored?

Your data is saved on our server. Always available and secure thanks to the best technology available on the market. With 5stelle* you can always access, modify and save your data from anywhere with any Internet connected device.

Who does the facility's data belong to?

The data saved on our server is always yours. Saving data on 5stelle*'s server does not transfer ownership of the data. As a company supplying the service 5stelle* is responsible for the processing and safety of your data. All data saved on our servers are handled fully respecting privacy.

Online sales and reports

In the list of connected sales platforms, I can't find mine. Why?

5stelle* is connected to the most popular Italian and international distribution platforms. The list of connected platforms is being continually updated: click here. To find out if your platform will be connected in the near future, contact us.

What statistical reports are available in the management system? In what formats can you export them?

5stelle* offers approximately 10 different statistical reports, simple and advanced including those with sales data and cost and profit analysis. You can export the reports in .xls (Excel) and .pdf formats.

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